Yesterday was quite a hectic day, I have to say that my computer was being a real piece of crap! I was getting so frustrated because it was being sooo slow and here I have a super fast connection so I knew it had nothing to do with my wireless network. So I kept thinking, I am not going to stop til I get my pages loading faster. Now, I am the type that if something starts not working for me, I'll go the easy route and not put any brain power into it. I think it was a revelation type of day for me.

I realized that we spend so much time & money letting others fix our problems or attempt to fix our problems. For an example, your car is one thing but let's just say your blender is lagging, your automatic reaction is what? throw it away and go get a new one or to give it to someone and tell them there's issues with it, right? I know I have done that too many times. Going back to the car issue, I realize that not everyone is a car mechanic expert but I think that alot of you are smart people and you can probably get a family friend or member to tell you what the deal is before you go to the actual mechanic shop and start doling out a bucket load of cash.

Ok, what I mean about this is I went to go to this service station down the street who was going to charge me 80 some odd bucks just to INSPECT and run a computer diagnostics on it. Do you see where I am going with this, they are basically telling you that it's going to be 80 bucks just for them to push like maybe 8 buttons tops just to find out what's wrong. Are you insane?? We are America and we can inflate the prices of anything should we so choose to. I kind of wonder though, what if they made that a free inspection, then maybe let's say something is wrong with the car, that's when you do the pricing. I might be talking old school here but until recently I still see lots of service stations still charging muchos bucks on anything and everything they can when it comes to fixing because the average person doesn't know a darned thing about cars except when the oil light comes on, time to scoot in for an oil change.

Have you ever realized that it's the same thing in other worlds as well, everyone is willing to pay somebody to do something for them because we have gotten too lazy. What happen to the days where people wanted to free, independant and do things that would revolutionize the community, now it seems the ones that might have something worth saying aren't doing this because they are holed up thinking/scheming of ways to get money or more money. I mean look at Google, billions of dollars. What do you think an average employee gets paid? I want to do things for other people but I don't want to be degraded trying to create wealth. I know 20-30 years ago people were happy if they worked 40 some odd years than had enough to retire on. There are others that are celebrities & athletes. What would it be like for them to be paid regularly like the rest of us chumps? I wonder when things will change?