Rich Jerk Real Estate


Maybe I am being impatient but I followed his directions to a T. I can't downloan my ebook for the life of me! It basically talks about how he is in Real Estate with no money out of his pocket, he seemed to have toned it down a bit in regards to his vulgarity. Arrrgh! The frustrations of this because it should be simple to download an ebook! I will let you know more when I read more
definitely not a scam, a very informative ebook with everything you can possibly know regarding real estate. take you a couple of days to get through it. If you can't afford it, I might be able to help you out. Send you a copy or something ...


Alison G.


My working activities as a writer..


I thought people would be interested in knowing that I also have another blog over at Crack That Whip Affiliate I will try to make it as easy as possible for everyone to access everything easily. More often than not I'll create posts & then post them over here, & vice versa. I am really getting into this blogging stuff. I am also the author of About Austin, Texas So I have all my basis covered. You can find rants, raves & other ideals here. Basically a melting pot of everything!

Alison G.

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Looking to say hi?


I was browsing around & I found this site that I thought was interesting to say the least. The link says it all. Just say Hi A newer, possibly more improved dating site. I saw some good looking people in there but you know me, I love looking at anything that looks remotely interesting. The site seems to be new people, less spam bots..

They advertise to be free & they will help you get hooked up compatibly. That would be a very important must have should I be ever get back in the dating ring again. I think that alot of sites are ridden with porn bots but after browsing through Just say Hi . It looks pretty fresh of nice faces. It targets the metropolitam areas. I went & looked to see if my city was listed. It was of course because I am located in Austin, hehe home of keeping it weird. I think that y'all should go check it out :0) If anything you may find some new ideas, new friends or whatever else might interest you.

The place of interest is Just Say Hi Good luck everyone in their search for the perfect arena. Just please practice caution whenever entering an online dating forum. Don't give out any personal info, don't wire money overseas & always meet in a public place!
Until nect time!

Alison G.
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Do you habitually sign up?


How many places have you signed up today at? Me I have about 6 places under my belt. I am noticing more & more that people are getting more savvier at getting your email so they can, what I consider spam the good living out of your inbox. I recently read an article where they think that email marketing is slowly starting to die. I think that's great because the net needs to be cleaned of the junk & hype. Nothing in this world generates you more income in 24 hrs or less unless you pimp your body or you sell drugs for your pimp. The next best way to generate cash flow is to work for someone while saving your money so you can exit the rat race, remember how I was telling you about that Rich Dad, Poor Dad book. I was starting to realize in order to get anything going. I need to really sit down 7 go over what I want and how the heck I am going to get started. I keep thinking that this blogging will eventually gain me some momentum then I can go onto other ideas. Though I think I am still riding this the wrong way. I mean there is so much to be said & done here. Where the heck do I start with my venture?

We came up with the idea that we would start with real estate & once we built that capital up on this one, we can move on to the other ventures such as investing, truffles, software design. I am starting to like that & it's starting roll off my tongue more to get involved in building houses that will add to the market. Offer them for good money, be fair & honest. It pays off in the long run. Maybe after a year of doing this, we'll start with the creative investing forum, nothing like we see with prosper. I want to target the places that are the hardest to fund. I think it's the people we classify at the bottom of the societal barrel that need the most help. I am going to start creating financial bridges for individuals. I am going to start building houses that are going to benefit the potential buyer as well as me. I will eventually start a recording company. I will build a software that'll enhance the privacy of the everyday user. The path is there, the road less traveled. It looks bumpy but exciting. I will start walking the path.
Til next time

ENFP - "Journalist". Uncanny sense of the motivations of others. Life is an exciting drama. 8.1% of total population.
Jung Personality Test (similar to Myers-Briggs/MBTI)

Alison G.
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My quest find the perfect solution..


I went on a quest to saerch out to maximize my blogging experience today, whew there is a buttload of information & I started to question what could my blog bring? Who could it help? I thought about this. i decided that I was going to let my blog get reviewed see if I actually have meaningful things to say. I really want to get out there. i have big dreams of helping people, making money to give to people that are in need & just be myself. I am very eclectic, funny & definitely goofy. Don't mind the advertisement, I am just impatient & I'll follow any lead to get on the ball. I like writing to an audience if there is any yet. hehe.. I enjoy listening to music & going into this zone where I get lost in my thoughts. They come out, I feel happier because I am sharing thoughts that might help people get a better sense of themselves and the people around me. I mean look at this, everyone has a life that is directly focused on them. I think it'd be interesting to see how that would play out if you could tune into anyone's life.

Today was pretty hectic. i had to work last night then I had a class at 7 am that I was a bit late to because I was trying to cheat the system by giving myself some extra sleeping points. I came home after class, got started on the various other projects that I am doing. I told you that was gearing towards this.

Projects at hand...
Software program that I want to get developed.
Real Estate, instead of the buying & turning into rental homes, I was thinking of buying land, build homes that are practical, making a deal where it will benefit poverty. I hate the things that I see sometimes.
I want to eventually start a record label. I have a zillion songs that I would love to be displayed.
I want to meet as many people as I can. Start a community of people are looking to better society. I hate to have to say this but where is the love of wanting to know people, saying hi. Integrating personalities. I think the crime rate may go down because people will feel much better about themselves.

I want to do everything & anything. It doesn't matter about money because I believe that if you believe in yourself, then others will follow suit. If you can make fun of yourself whole heartedly than you are definitely on the good track of freedom from judgement.
I'll blog later when I have more to type.

Alison G.
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My letter to Myspace regarding forum spam


My name is Alison & I am currently a member, obviously. I am wanting to help crack down on the amount of spam that goes through the business forum. I am looking to help people get the legit answers that they need. How I can contribute is that I'll constantly update the board. You can expect at least a 6 month committment. I'll delete anything that goes against forum rules that can be set up & reiterated. I can probably grap, a group of individuals that will be more than willing to help keep Myspace Business Forums clean of junk, spam and anything else that may fall under the suspicious category of things that are considered spam.
What will I get out of this? The pure satisfaction that one of my favorite sections of Myspace will start to see a difference, will be cleaner & people will be able to benefit from this. There is a complete thread filled with several pages of posts dedicated to cleaning the forum.

thank you for considering,

Business 101


This is the candid journey of a start up company. We are going to start with our general idea then work ourselves to the other projects that we will have at hand. This is my 1st start up. I am full of ideas & ambition. My candid partner has just told us that the firm that’ll incorporate us suggests that we come up with a biography of what we will be doing & how we plan to implement everything in regards to this new company. The many questions that go through my head are phenomenal. This blog is going to help us achieve exposure & the ability to help future start ups that are looking for some ground to stand on. This is the most opportune time to start a business from scratch & create your own destination.
I actually started this journey quite some time ago, I came up with an idea on how to crack a major pitfall in today’s society. I started a few months ago, looking for people to hire that were compatible with how I think a business should be ran, I am seriously tired of seeing corporate America running over people everyday just to squeeze that last dollar out of the budget or to enhance their profit. I personally want to do something that sticks out, creates a place where ideas are constantly flowing. I have plenty of them, believe me..
My hiring experience hasn’t been that great, I have looked at people who have looked at me & probably assumed that I could be easily manipulated to people who have stolen from me in my presence, to they have decided that the moment that they met me that they would start clocking hours and then to top the cake; the ones who are best friends who look out for each other before they tend to business. That will start the drama juice flowing overtime if you go this route. I think what alot of people fail to realize is that this is a very consuming job, that you have to whole heartedly put yourself out there. So in the future, you are looking to hire someone be sure that the people you surround yourself with have the company’s best interest not their own.
Our next step as told earlier is we are waiting on is being Incorporated, while the ball is already started. We still have many brainstorming meetings to come.
Well that is all for now, I’ll be back tomorrow to tell you some more.

Alison G.

Do you want help with stock picks?


I am trying something out. I am here to offer a deal that might blow your mind while the other side wonders what the catch is. I have been investing & playing the stock market since I was 17. Roughly 9 yrs and counting. I have not gotten tired of this passion of mine. In fact, I am even more fueled by the desire to help people to better investing solutions. I realized long ago that I had a talent with two things. Investments & Writing.

I will tell you that it took me a loong time to come to the realization that I had to believe in myself in order to go forward. I read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, while I wasn't entirely sure about the guy, he got me on a path to better my life & understand what the meaning behind my life was. I went to college, did the things that normal people do right out of college. Although I was doing some things right regarding my future like investing. I got the opportunity to get a massive return on my money even though it was a bit risky. It paid out in the end. I now sit on a personal gold mine & I am planning on eventually owning my own company to keep my money cycling. Remember how I told you I like helping others? This is where you come in, while I won't just give you money. I'll show you everything I know about making money on your investments. I'll help you pick out stocks, do your due Diligence, show you the different trends, give you adice on how to maintain your stocks. I'll show you long term investment ideas, I'll show you various resources that'll enable to make money for years to come.

Automatic riches don't come by as often people you hear say they do. Mastering the idea & concept of money take years for the average individual. I have alot to offer & I am willing to invest in anyone who would like my help.

Alison G.
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Have you Doubled your stocks?


You are new or seasoned, whatever the case you are here looking to double your stocks. I recently found some free info on how to double. It's Free info you aren't obligated to buy anything that you don't want to but this guy is good, I have made roughly $1100.00 using his newsletter. I recommend you seeing how he works out for you. He gives you 8 weeks free to try it out and if you are unhappy, unsubscribe!

Alison G.
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ICANN & Tornadoes


I got a whopping .09 cents from the icann something from Godaddy. They manipulate it that you HAVE to keep it parked in your customer account. Who wants to go to the candy store with me, hahaha!! Well this is a nice day, I am currently working on my "secret" project that is going to be super awesome! I hope to make it through since we are on tornado watch. I like helping people succeed. It's a good feeling to know that my knowledge is helping them.

Alison G.
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Unique Money Making Ideas...


What search engines don’t want you to find out!

I am asked alot, in my personal life, how I am making money & I have to be honest with them. I tell them that I sit on my arse for xx amount of hours a day just researching stocks & making money by helping others find decent & reputable online income. I belong to a forum as you all may know that is amazing. I couldn't be happier with the results. I wish people would realize that there are more than one niche than the ever so famous topic of money. There is so much money to be made with the millions of topics out there.

I go all over the map because I like to think that I have a wealthy stock of information in my back pocket. I always branch out to my various resources. You can too! If you are looking for different ways to maximize your business profits then you should look at this product, she shows you various techniques as well as shows you how to get below your compeitition with Adwords. Cheap bids on these words. I think that's where alot of people make the mistake is that they see the challenges as failures when you should be looking at the failures as success. Stay focused & you will eventually reap in the benefits. I wish everyone the best of luck & if you need help, just let me know email me here

Alison G.

What search engines don’t want you to find out!


Student Loan Consolidation


When I started in college, I went about three years before I had st get a student loan. I had to be sure that the loan that I picked out would best fit my student profile. Since I was a junior, I was able to pull out more, yet I had to be sure that I was picking a reasonable amount. Believe me I was super tempted to take out the max & live care free the duration of my college year. I had a very good mentor friend who advised highly against this. They guided me step by step, what was needed & what I could do without. I remember thinking that I was going to still be a poor college student with no play money, sucks to be me. Now that I look back & on a paupers salary (I opted to being a public defender)

I am grateful that I didn't take out my heart's desire because with consolidation, I look at about $440.23 in loan payments. I was given my six month grace period & the first loan payment came due then the second place that I had to opt to use because that was what the school offered. I for about 16 months paid these two separate places, it was a total pain the rear! Well, one day talking to my friend about the different things that we talk about at lunch; she started complaining that it was becoming a hassle that to have two separate tickets for one education. I totally agreed with her, I seriously had been thinking that I was the only one that was thinking like her. It was completely frustrating to feel that it was going to take forever to pay these loans off. I mean hello, 10 yrs is a long time to pay out a loan even if it is a low interest rate.

That night, I went on a quest to go find out if there was a solution to this madness. You guessed it, I found my solution! I went online and I typed in different search phrases,
school loan consolidation
college loan consolidation
school consolidation
consolidation college
consolidation student
student loan consolidation rates
federal student loan consolidation
consolidate student loan
consolidate school loans
consolidation loan rate
consolidation of student loans
private student loan consolidation
consolidate student loans
plus loan consolidation
student loans consolidation
federal loan consolidation
student loan consolidation programs
student loan consolidation calculator
student loan consolidation program
school consolidation loans
student loan consolidators
best student loan consolidation
education loan consolidation
federal direct consolidation
student loan debt consolidation
consolidate private student loans
federal direct consolidation loan
student loan consolidation center
stafford loan consolidation

I was actually given this list of search variations by a friend of mine who is a genius when it comes to business ads & whatnot. he can find me anything. I was able to narrow my search down to the top three places to really look at when consolidating. You want to look at the percentages, you also want to look at the terms & the final thing that I personally believe is the most important is the reputation of the consolidation agency. The three places that I scoured before making my decision were:

  • HelpLoans - These are more geared towards alternative loan consolidations. I called them & was connected pretty quickly yet the lady seemed more interested in talking really fast to get her point across regarding the company. Wasn't much room for me to get my questions in, I was in fact referred to a FAQ board that was supposed to give me all the answers -B for good rates, seemed a bit on the pushy side

  • Scholarpoint - still have yet to hear back from them, and they were contacted 3 days ago.

  • Studentloansolutions - I liked this one because they consolidate & the rates are awesome. Customer service is very relaxed. I give this place an A. Go talk to Gary, he is freaking hilarious!

I wish everyone luck in the Real World. Be wise & be merry!

Alison G
The madness continues

Affiliate Motivation


One thing I am constantly seeing with Affiliates is their lack of motivation. At first they are all about, trying to get out there, making it their number #1 goal. They join as many groups, affiliate channels, buy as many books as they can and get sucked into every offer they see, your favorites are probably boggled with everything you have signed up for or are interested in knowing more about. So, guess what? They are now offically overwhelmed, they have no idea where to turn, how to react and so guess what happens? They stop, go on to their next desparate ploy to creating wealth online.

I hate seeing that, it makes me sad. I know their is a way around the system of Internet Marketing. It's really not that hard. I have written about it before. I have initialized a checklist on what to do & not to do. I have even thought about it in even more depth. There are ALOT of niches out there. Yet I see the same pattern, everyone is trying to follow someone else's module. It doesn't work that way. You have to start with what you know. There are people out there that are always flashing these ads about how to make money, now I know this isn't something most affiliates know, because they haven't been here as long as some of these other players have been. They know what you want to hear & how to tug at the nerve. Trust me, I know this because I have been there many a times. I have listened to others, doled out alot of money yet I have seen nothing positive come out of the whole deal because you are following a chain of command effect.

The players that have been here the longest know that you are going to see their information, buy the product thinking that you are going to make $674,783.99 in 23 hours and 32 seconds. They know that you are going to try to sell them that same niche that they just got you with. Then they also know, that in 3-5 days you are going to give up & the cycle will continue.

You want a solution, you want to be successful, you are determined to make this work! I think I might have one. Let's ask the first question though?

  1. Are you ready?
  2. What are your hobbies?
  3. What do you consider yourself an expert on?
  4. What fascinates you that makes you want to know more about?
  5. Can your hobby or fascination make you money?
  6. What tools do you have to make this work?
  7. Do you have the patience?

These are some valid points to look at while trying to find your common ground with Internet Marketing. I am not going to sugarcoat anything here, but this takes time & effort. If you are hanging around reputable Internet Marketers, they will tell you the same thing. I like to think that I am a pretty patient in all areas of my life except for when I am waiting for dinner & it seems like they are taking forever. I am always available for helping anyone who is willing to put in the time & effort. The internet is still young, if treated properly it can bring you income for a long time coming.

For those who have taken that deep breath and are in this for the long haul, congrats & welcome to your freedom. An additional checklist to be sure this is the right avenue.

Til next time,

Alison G

Driving Drunk in Austin


I have this friend, we'll call him Wilbert Simpson. He just called me about an hour ago, we are pretty good friends yet he just made a terrible mistake. He was driving drunk in Austin, Texas. Can we say stupid? Well I can because we are friends & we have that repoire. We also work for a law enforcement agency together. I feel incredibly bad for him because his life is about to go south on him. What I find unfortunate about this situation is that he has 4 little munchkins at home, a beautiful wife and an awesome home. He's been in law enforcement for 16 years. I can only imagine the next few weeks to come as we all ask him what the hell is he going to do? One of the guys has suggested that he get a damned good lawyer. That's some good advice yet it gets worse. Wilbert, knocked the rookie cop's front teeth in, because well like we all can be at times; was being belligerent.

The rookie cop is debating whether he wants to press charges or not. I think he may feel a bit bad for the old man as well. His superior is going to beg him to make this cop a lesson be learned because unfortunately this guy has been supposedly getting away with things that "normal" officers of the law get. That's a matter of debate, right?

I personally suggested also getting a good lawyer who is tough in trial cases because if he has any chance of saving anything in his life right now. There was recommendations of trying to settle this quietly & that was thrown out because like I said, this guy's future is at sake here, his financial foundation could very well also be at sake too.

The good, solid and often reiterated list to picking a good lawyer.

  • Don't pick the first name you see, a lawyer needs to be someone you can count on & not just a dollar sign.
  • Pick a specific category, so if in trouble for embezzling or theft, pick a lawyer who has dealt with these topics.
  • Be sure to research the lawyer that you have representing you, is he good in court, does he follow up, what's his track record.
  • When they ask for their payment, know what you are paying for & be sure it can be accounted for.
  • The more exposure, normally the better.
  • If you can afford it, find the best

Good, accreditated lawyers are the best simply because they are professional, firm & cut no corners when it comes to your well being. They are being paid to represent you. Be sure to utilize them for everything you are paying for. I personally think lawyers come from all seeds, just wading through the pool of them can be overwhelming yet follow your gut.

To my good friend, good luck in your future case & to the various people out there who needs legal representation. I urge you to make the best decisions & research. No matter how much trouble is at hand, the best decision is to just take it day by day.

Have a good day,