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When I signed up for the service in 1999, I had absolutely no idea what the hell I was getting into. I just remember looking at my daddy's & uncle's pretty medals, the spiffy uniform. I said, I am going to be just like you! They smiled, patted me on the head & said, "Sweetie, I am so proud of you!"

I was 18 on the verge of 19, wanted to see the world & serve my country like any good american citizen does in time of need. Realize that I am looking back in hindsight to my experience here. I remember going to the recruit station where they housed all branches of the military. I was so excited, that it didn't comprehend for a few seconds that there were more than one branch in the word military. I was standing there & I saw the Navy to the right, eh..6 months on a boat with a bunch of men cooped up...no thank you! Army, didn't like that if you joined, they promised everything! All the guys that I had ran across who were Army, seemed to be filled with themselves in my opinion. Coast Guard, now this sounded like fun, although I didn't recognize the uniform to mesh with my family. Air Force, wasn't all that interested in flying. I went to the end of the hall, US Marines. A guy came out as friendly as can be. Asked when I would be graduating, what was I looking to do, etc etc. I looked to the wall, where there was a poster that said, "We don't promise you a rose garden." Now if anything that interested me, that was the most honest thing I had heard all day that day!

I was hooked, the guy signed me up that day! I had my physical scheduled, papers were fairly squared away & I was looking at 2 days after graduation. I was so estatic to tell my parents the AWESOME news that I was cut to be a US Marine! I was sworn in, blah, blah, blah..(can't tell you everything that happens)

Graduation came & went, I received high honors, cried with the best of them but I had other stuff on my mind about the next step in my life. I was reading everything I could about the US Marines, what they stood for, how we were to act, what was worn. I am going to tell you something, my father was a tough man because thats what Marines are, tough. We are taught lessons that are with us wherever we go in life. If you are going to cry about how a drill instructor will literally be spitting in your face because he has to train you for the biggest obstacle of your life, going to war.

Once you are finished with boot camp, you will become one of the few & one of the proud. I was there, I spent 5 yrs in the US Marine Corp & I came out very focused, disciplined & determined.

Semper Fi

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Alison G.
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