Making money online


Oh my goodness, I am excited!
I am going to conquer this. This reminds me of all the video games that I have played in my life where I had to get past all these damned levels and it seemed like there was no end to the madness. I think that internet marketing could have that same effect on me. I think it take someone special to want to conquer the task of promoting other people's product. i mean chit, isn't this what we were trying to stay away from? I mean I am still working for someone, in a off suit way. i just have no contract and in the goodness I am helping people promot stuff without being paid for it. I think that if I spend a zillion hours, lose a few nights of sleep. I am going to be above & beyond my partner in the financial department, because in Reality. I will have a shot at pulling some GOOD money out of this as long as I stick with it. I have nothing to lose except to eventually become one of them...thats my rant for the moment. I have to eventually write a paper for class, darn me!


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