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I want you to take a few minutes and really think about something...really think about it, k? You know how when you go to a Ebook and they are showing proof of the "millions" that they are supposedly making? Do you really deem that to be realistic, have you HONESTLY heard one person show you this as in recently? As in like yesterday, what did an affiliate really make? Random 10 bucks here and there. I believe instead of trying to find the magic jellybean, you need to find your calling.

I see you questioning m and asking, well Alison, what's your calling? You want to know my calling, I want to make millions of dollars doing 3 things that I love and I am going to accomplish this by continuing to put myself out there and find the answer to what I am needing to do. I want to own 3 types of businesses, plus I want to maintain my hobbies of finding the answers to what I am looking for regarding my dreams. Do you want to know what the problem with today's society? We are too damned lazy, yeah yeah I even said myself! I am lazy because I am too dependant on someone else walking my dog because I am too busy trying to drive the nail into your head that there are alot of scams out there. Yes I agree, these guys have the secrets but hello, it took them LOTS of money and because it took them LOTS of money & time, they aren't going to tell your silly ass! Come on now, Haven't you figured it out?

How much would you pay me to know the secret to these individuals taking money out of your wallet? I know you are thinking, man I'd pay anything to know the answer. I guess my thing is that I have researched this and I don't want to have to pay for something that realistically I am paying double for. I am already paying my Cable company for access to the internet, it lasts until I pay again the next month. I figure this, what you possibly work 4-12 hrs a day then go home, get on the internet and do what? Play games, waiting for your Magic Jellybean to fall on your screen? I think it's time you got up & made your move

Good Luck,

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