What is your Niche?


You have been searching the internet high & low, yet there is nothing that you can find that will solve your problems. None of the books you have bought are working and you are getting really frustrated. I completely understand & there is hope for you. I promise. I know alot of "Online Gurus" promise you the sun, moon and sometimes the earth but it seems like it never works for god's sakes! I seriously have been there, when I first started this little project of mine. I came across Ewealth as well as Wealthy Affiliate forum & they had lots of great information for me & to be honest it helped. I was able to see the many programs out there, what worked & what was considered a scam. There was one program that intrigued me & it was being pushed by a reputable member of the group. A tip: When looking for a reputable program, be sure to look for a few things:

  1. How long have they been a member?
  2. When they are talking in open forums, are they contributing to the conversation?
  3. Do they seem sincere that they want to help others?

Brad Callen has been in marketing for quite sometime. He has came out with some of the best software known to an Internet Marketer. He isn't a fly by night operation. The program that I signed up for & have been pretty successful with is Keyword Elite. An amazing product for me & marketing my business online. Don't expect to be making money overnight because that isn't how it works. He takes you through the steps as I am taking the time to tell you right now. Any niche or product that you are looking for will have keywords within them. He shows you what keywords will be the most beneficial to your campaign & how to stay on top of your compeititors. The cost is a bit hefty ($176.00), but if you are a serious marketer & you plan to put this product to the pavement.

He also shows you how to enhance your Adsense earnings. This product is ranked highly by other reputable marketers online, a good amount of webmasters that use this product to enhance their own business online. The best thing about this product is that it is offered with a 100% money back policy if you aren't seeing any difference. No questions asked. That's what I liked, I had been researching other products such as Keyword X-ray, a product associated with Rich Jerk. Now I am not against the guy but some of his practices & ways he has done things, don't particularily excite me or want to associate with anything of his. His demeanor may work with some people but not me. He also manipulates his money back policy. You can get your money but you have to do XYZ before you can have your money back. Sad to say, but people rarely will ask for their money back just because of that one issue. I don't want that for you.

Which is why I suggested Keyword Elite, a sensible program that will enable you to get ranked, beat out your compeitition and make some residual income from this avenue.

Just my disclaimer here, I am making money with this product because I have a niche that is converting for me greatly. I do NOT suggest buying this program if you are an affiliate & you are going to promote money making ideas because in all honesty, it's been done. I would however suggest if you are an affiliate signing up to become an affiliate yourself & have the audience to market to.

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