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I love playing video games, I'd play all day if I was able to. I don't have alot of money to do this, still in school, got expenses that can't really budge for $25-40.00 dollars a game. I will tell you this, I have a good hefty collection, though? My secret is I never had to take out a second mortgage. I went online one day trying to find out where I can buy video games for cheap and low & behold, I came across

Video Game Rentals Delivered


Here are some of the great benefits of Gamefly, mind you I am currently a member and its been like 6 months...

1. It's dirt cheap, no hidden fees, no late fees, nothing but 8.95 a month!

2. You collect rewards after you have been with them for a month, so on & so forth, my rewards have been monetary. I get random $5 dollar coupons that I can eventually store to buy actual games for dirt cheap, so do the math, get a few games out at 8.95 a month, play them til you bleed, then turn them back in, get another game plus collect reward points & customer loyalty points...Good deal, I think so!

3. Let's say you absolutely love the game you are playing. Well guess what else they have, they have an option to buy the game outright for CHEAP. I got Scarface for like pennies when it was first out. I like that, to be able to play them out without that pressure to buy it right then & there..

The added bonus & secret is that you get to have a free trial, see if you like what you are playing. Also, they usually throw in some REALLY nice incentive to keep you. I think they may still be in the new phase so keeping customers is their number 1# goal.

So try em out, they have games for all consoles. You don't to pay any shipping costs or anything crazy like that.

Have fun,

Video Game Rentals Delivered

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