Grand Theft Auto 4


I seriously can't wait to get this game. I am extremely excited. If you know who I am, you'll know that this just makes me the happiest gamer in the world. I'll have to take a semester off school just so I can beat the whole game. Although I am not ready to consolidate my school loans and start paying it all back because I have yet to get through my program. I guess I'll have to learn to manage my time so I can do work, school, homework & play video games. The other great thing is that this game comes out a few days before my birthday & on my my favorite console! I have already pre-ordered the game and I am ready for it to be here already! To the people who don't know me, I am a video game lover. I wish I could play all the time. Although I know that won't be possible unless I was able to get a job somewhere playing video games all the time. That'd be radical to work at Rockstar or some other video game testing center. Wow, now that would be amazing, but I can also see where there might be some negatives. So I think I am just going to keep it to me playing for fun.

So for all you serious gamers who are into the GTA series, you better get on the ball & get your copy pre-ordered! I sure did!


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