Building your credit responsibly


So back when I was in college, I had a helluva time trying to manage my course load without having my books. I remember so many times busting my a** working at the local grocery store, trying to ensure I had enough money for my books.

I wasn't one of the lucky one where mom & dad paid my way through school. I worked two jobs, one that was purely my hobby & the other was my day job. Now this isn't a post trying to bash anyone who has had the fortunate bliss of the parental units free education policy.

I have to say though that I have had the pure bliss in my later years to have an amazing credit score! I'll tell you my secret, if you promise to follow my guidelines down to a T....

Learn my secret here..

I got my first credit card at 17 and trust me when I say this that it was a temptation to the higher heavens, which is why I want you to follow me when I say this.

Teach yourself discipline, and always think to the future because that's where the cream of the crop is. Also be sure to do your homework, yes that dreaded word..but I promise you it'll pay off!
The secret to my good credit

So, 17 obviously came & went..Wanting to know how old I am, I might tell you someday if you are lucky. I eventually completed my schooling, made some friends, new & old. I guess about a year ago, I was ready to settle down & start on a different track.

I was able to buy my first home at 25 and lock in an interest rate that was awesome & very good for a newcomber so to speak..

All because I picked the best credit card for my situation & I had little to no credit. the biggest debate is whether credit matters or not now a days, I am a big believer that credit is everything because it is what advances you to the American Dream

Which include stuff like this... a house at a great interest rate, a vehicle to get you to & from work and less time paying stuff off..
Good Luck!

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