Sanjaya Malakar is history...


I realize that while I am 27ish, give or take a year that it shouldn't constitute me from being mean, right? Well, guess what I am human & I have freedom of speech :) So I promised myself that I wouldn't be mean while he was on the show. Yet I was, because anytime he was on, I totally fell asleep, I moaned, I flipped channels and I prayed for our young society!

What the hell has gone wrong? The fact that whenever Sanjaya was up there, he sounded like he was in pain, and here we have a million teeny boppers with their damned cell phones that give them unlimited night time minutes with supposedly nothing better to do than call a number a million times, whatever happened to homework? Study groups?

C'mon people, do you remember when life was simple, where cell phones, ipods and anything worth 200 dollars was prohibited on school grounds.

I honestly think that our society has given up. The teachers basically hold students hands as they go into tests, they sit there exasparated because nobody wants to learn. While maybe there may be some learning processes out there, something is coming and I am not sure I can put my finger to it. I just want to say that our music industry almost suffered a lapse of judgement had Lakisha's family not been able to step up...

Just shows you who has the stronger hand in this pudding jar!

that's my rant for the night!

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