Driving Drunk in Austin


I have this friend, we'll call him Wilbert Simpson. He just called me about an hour ago, we are pretty good friends yet he just made a terrible mistake. He was driving drunk in Austin, Texas. Can we say stupid? Well I can because we are friends & we have that repoire. We also work for a law enforcement agency together. I feel incredibly bad for him because his life is about to go south on him. What I find unfortunate about this situation is that he has 4 little munchkins at home, a beautiful wife and an awesome home. He's been in law enforcement for 16 years. I can only imagine the next few weeks to come as we all ask him what the hell is he going to do? One of the guys has suggested that he get a damned good lawyer. That's some good advice yet it gets worse. Wilbert, knocked the rookie cop's front teeth in, because well like we all can be at times; was being belligerent.

The rookie cop is debating whether he wants to press charges or not. I think he may feel a bit bad for the old man as well. His superior is going to beg him to make this cop a lesson be learned because unfortunately this guy has been supposedly getting away with things that "normal" officers of the law get. That's a matter of debate, right?

I personally suggested also getting a good lawyer who is tough in trial cases because if he has any chance of saving anything in his life right now. There was recommendations of trying to settle this quietly & that was thrown out because like I said, this guy's future is at sake here, his financial foundation could very well also be at sake too.

The good, solid and often reiterated list to picking a good lawyer.

  • Don't pick the first name you see, a lawyer needs to be someone you can count on & not just a dollar sign.
  • Pick a specific category, so if in trouble for embezzling or theft, pick a lawyer who has dealt with these topics.
  • Be sure to research the lawyer that you have representing you, is he good in court, does he follow up, what's his track record.
  • When they ask for their payment, know what you are paying for & be sure it can be accounted for.
  • The more exposure, normally the better.
  • If you can afford it, find the best

Good, accreditated lawyers are the best simply because they are professional, firm & cut no corners when it comes to your well being. They are being paid to represent you. Be sure to utilize them for everything you are paying for. I personally think lawyers come from all seeds, just wading through the pool of them can be overwhelming yet follow your gut.

To my good friend, good luck in your future case & to the various people out there who needs legal representation. I urge you to make the best decisions & research. No matter how much trouble is at hand, the best decision is to just take it day by day.

Have a good day,


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