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This is the candid journey of a start up company. We are going to start with our general idea then work ourselves to the other projects that we will have at hand. This is my 1st start up. I am full of ideas & ambition. My candid partner has just told us that the firm that’ll incorporate us suggests that we come up with a biography of what we will be doing & how we plan to implement everything in regards to this new company. The many questions that go through my head are phenomenal. This blog is going to help us achieve exposure & the ability to help future start ups that are looking for some ground to stand on. This is the most opportune time to start a business from scratch & create your own destination.
I actually started this journey quite some time ago, I came up with an idea on how to crack a major pitfall in today’s society. I started a few months ago, looking for people to hire that were compatible with how I think a business should be ran, I am seriously tired of seeing corporate America running over people everyday just to squeeze that last dollar out of the budget or to enhance their profit. I personally want to do something that sticks out, creates a place where ideas are constantly flowing. I have plenty of them, believe me..
My hiring experience hasn’t been that great, I have looked at people who have looked at me & probably assumed that I could be easily manipulated to people who have stolen from me in my presence, to they have decided that the moment that they met me that they would start clocking hours and then to top the cake; the ones who are best friends who look out for each other before they tend to business. That will start the drama juice flowing overtime if you go this route. I think what alot of people fail to realize is that this is a very consuming job, that you have to whole heartedly put yourself out there. So in the future, you are looking to hire someone be sure that the people you surround yourself with have the company’s best interest not their own.
Our next step as told earlier is we are waiting on is being Incorporated, while the ball is already started. We still have many brainstorming meetings to come.
Well that is all for now, I’ll be back tomorrow to tell you some more.

Alison G.

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