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How many places have you signed up today at? Me I have about 6 places under my belt. I am noticing more & more that people are getting more savvier at getting your email so they can, what I consider spam the good living out of your inbox. I recently read an article where they think that email marketing is slowly starting to die. I think that's great because the net needs to be cleaned of the junk & hype. Nothing in this world generates you more income in 24 hrs or less unless you pimp your body or you sell drugs for your pimp. The next best way to generate cash flow is to work for someone while saving your money so you can exit the rat race, remember how I was telling you about that Rich Dad, Poor Dad book. I was starting to realize in order to get anything going. I need to really sit down 7 go over what I want and how the heck I am going to get started. I keep thinking that this blogging will eventually gain me some momentum then I can go onto other ideas. Though I think I am still riding this the wrong way. I mean there is so much to be said & done here. Where the heck do I start with my venture?

We came up with the idea that we would start with real estate & once we built that capital up on this one, we can move on to the other ventures such as investing, truffles, software design. I am starting to like that & it's starting roll off my tongue more to get involved in building houses that will add to the market. Offer them for good money, be fair & honest. It pays off in the long run. Maybe after a year of doing this, we'll start with the creative investing forum, nothing like we see with prosper. I want to target the places that are the hardest to fund. I think it's the people we classify at the bottom of the societal barrel that need the most help. I am going to start creating financial bridges for individuals. I am going to start building houses that are going to benefit the potential buyer as well as me. I will eventually start a recording company. I will build a software that'll enhance the privacy of the everyday user. The path is there, the road less traveled. It looks bumpy but exciting. I will start walking the path.
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