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I went on a quest to saerch out to maximize my blogging experience today, whew there is a buttload of information & I started to question what could my blog bring? Who could it help? I thought about this. i decided that I was going to let my blog get reviewed see if I actually have meaningful things to say. I really want to get out there. i have big dreams of helping people, making money to give to people that are in need & just be myself. I am very eclectic, funny & definitely goofy. Don't mind the advertisement, I am just impatient & I'll follow any lead to get on the ball. I like writing to an audience if there is any yet. hehe.. I enjoy listening to music & going into this zone where I get lost in my thoughts. They come out, I feel happier because I am sharing thoughts that might help people get a better sense of themselves and the people around me. I mean look at this, everyone has a life that is directly focused on them. I think it'd be interesting to see how that would play out if you could tune into anyone's life.

Today was pretty hectic. i had to work last night then I had a class at 7 am that I was a bit late to because I was trying to cheat the system by giving myself some extra sleeping points. I came home after class, got started on the various other projects that I am doing. I told you that was gearing towards this.

Projects at hand...
Software program that I want to get developed.
Real Estate, instead of the buying & turning into rental homes, I was thinking of buying land, build homes that are practical, making a deal where it will benefit poverty. I hate the things that I see sometimes.
I want to eventually start a record label. I have a zillion songs that I would love to be displayed.
I want to meet as many people as I can. Start a community of people are looking to better society. I hate to have to say this but where is the love of wanting to know people, saying hi. Integrating personalities. I think the crime rate may go down because people will feel much better about themselves.

I want to do everything & anything. It doesn't matter about money because I believe that if you believe in yourself, then others will follow suit. If you can make fun of yourself whole heartedly than you are definitely on the good track of freedom from judgement.
I'll blog later when I have more to type.

Alison G.
Inside Alison's madness....

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