My letter to Myspace regarding forum spam


My name is Alison & I am currently a member, obviously. I am wanting to help crack down on the amount of spam that goes through the business forum. I am looking to help people get the legit answers that they need. How I can contribute is that I'll constantly update the board. You can expect at least a 6 month committment. I'll delete anything that goes against forum rules that can be set up & reiterated. I can probably grap, a group of individuals that will be more than willing to help keep Myspace Business Forums clean of junk, spam and anything else that may fall under the suspicious category of things that are considered spam.
What will I get out of this? The pure satisfaction that one of my favorite sections of Myspace will start to see a difference, will be cleaner & people will be able to benefit from this. There is a complete thread filled with several pages of posts dedicated to cleaning the forum.

thank you for considering,

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