Student Loan Consolidation


When I started in college, I went about three years before I had st get a student loan. I had to be sure that the loan that I picked out would best fit my student profile. Since I was a junior, I was able to pull out more, yet I had to be sure that I was picking a reasonable amount. Believe me I was super tempted to take out the max & live care free the duration of my college year. I had a very good mentor friend who advised highly against this. They guided me step by step, what was needed & what I could do without. I remember thinking that I was going to still be a poor college student with no play money, sucks to be me. Now that I look back & on a paupers salary (I opted to being a public defender)

I am grateful that I didn't take out my heart's desire because with consolidation, I look at about $440.23 in loan payments. I was given my six month grace period & the first loan payment came due then the second place that I had to opt to use because that was what the school offered. I for about 16 months paid these two separate places, it was a total pain the rear! Well, one day talking to my friend about the different things that we talk about at lunch; she started complaining that it was becoming a hassle that to have two separate tickets for one education. I totally agreed with her, I seriously had been thinking that I was the only one that was thinking like her. It was completely frustrating to feel that it was going to take forever to pay these loans off. I mean hello, 10 yrs is a long time to pay out a loan even if it is a low interest rate.

That night, I went on a quest to go find out if there was a solution to this madness. You guessed it, I found my solution! I went online and I typed in different search phrases,
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I was actually given this list of search variations by a friend of mine who is a genius when it comes to business ads & whatnot. he can find me anything. I was able to narrow my search down to the top three places to really look at when consolidating. You want to look at the percentages, you also want to look at the terms & the final thing that I personally believe is the most important is the reputation of the consolidation agency. The three places that I scoured before making my decision were:

  • HelpLoans - These are more geared towards alternative loan consolidations. I called them & was connected pretty quickly yet the lady seemed more interested in talking really fast to get her point across regarding the company. Wasn't much room for me to get my questions in, I was in fact referred to a FAQ board that was supposed to give me all the answers -B for good rates, seemed a bit on the pushy side

  • Scholarpoint - still have yet to hear back from them, and they were contacted 3 days ago.

  • Studentloansolutions - I liked this one because they consolidate & the rates are awesome. Customer service is very relaxed. I give this place an A. Go talk to Gary, he is freaking hilarious!

I wish everyone luck in the Real World. Be wise & be merry!

Alison G
The madness continues

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