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I was browsing around & I found this site that I thought was interesting to say the least. The link says it all. Just say Hi A newer, possibly more improved dating site. I saw some good looking people in there but you know me, I love looking at anything that looks remotely interesting. The site seems to be new people, less spam bots..

They advertise to be free & they will help you get hooked up compatibly. That would be a very important must have should I be ever get back in the dating ring again. I think that alot of sites are ridden with porn bots but after browsing through Just say Hi . It looks pretty fresh of nice faces. It targets the metropolitam areas. I went & looked to see if my city was listed. It was of course because I am located in Austin, hehe home of keeping it weird. I think that y'all should go check it out :0) If anything you may find some new ideas, new friends or whatever else might interest you.

The place of interest is Just Say Hi Good luck everyone in their search for the perfect arena. Just please practice caution whenever entering an online dating forum. Don't give out any personal info, don't wire money overseas & always meet in a public place!
Until nect time!

Alison G.
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